This Is Why Many Couples Struggle With Sex

Why Many Couples Struggle With Sex -

The most important sexual and marital problems

The most common question asked about sex therapists is, is it normal to me? Sexuality is not much about sexuality, and most people receive their sexual information from friends and folklore.

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Am i normal

The most common question asked about sex therapists is, is it normal to me? Sexuality is not much about sexuality, and most people receive their sexual information from friends and folklore. As a result, much of this awareness may not be right. Many are afraid to ask such questions or worse, they do not even know who to ask! Sexual tastes and behaviors are so wide and diverse as it is, no matter how “strange” or “unusual,” and normal until both sides agree on them and are both pleasurable.

When will my sex go back?

Loss of libido is often a complicated issue, but in most cases, for most women and a large number of men (which is still increasing), sexual desire is no longer like their young age. Younger responsibilities and concerns were younger, and the start of a new relationship has been a stimulant to sexual excitement. Do not worry if you are in a situation where you feel that your sexual desire has fallen; non-sexual stroke, massaging your shoulders and your waist can also give you a good feel for it, and the little sense of pleasure in the body can sometimes enlighten your sexual desire. The sexual response cycle is not straightforward as you think. Excitement can reach orgasm, but you do not have to first feel your sexual desire.

Can you change my wife?

Many people who come to the sex therapists are complaints about non compliance. Usually, a man requests sex more than a woman and wants to know if the sex therapist can change his wife. The reality is that the natural has different levels of sexual needs and desires. For example, women need to feel beautiful and admired and respected and seen, and it’s really easy for a spouse to respond to these needs, but it’s hard to train for sex therapists! If you learn how to meet these needs of your spouse, your spouse will feel more intimate and more intimate with you, and subsequently your desire to have sex with you will increase! So learn this simple but complex skill!

Am I sexually tired?

Many ask the sex therapists why their sexual life and their relationships are not like what they see in cinema or television. The reality is that the sexual relationship you see on the screen is not real life, and everything is designed and adjusted to trigger an emotional response to the viewer. There are so many women and men who think they are having problems because their relationship is not like what is being shown in the media. Unfortunately, this way of thinking makes people feel bad about themselves and have unrealistic expectations of their relationship. Remember what you see on TV and cinema is not “normal”, so do not compare yourself with them.

Can we have sex after the betrayal?

After betraying one of the parties, sex can be really difficult. Sometimes spouses in such a situation think that they can not really return to the calm of the past and re-establish sexual relations. But this is not the case, the wives often make even stronger and deeper interactions with each other, the only reason being that they have honest and far-fetched conversations that create intimacy. Sometimes couples who find themselves in such situations admit to their sex therapists that they have never been so good and intimate! And now they have a stronger relationship. Of course, for most people, it’s hard to accept this, but it’s not impossible.

How many times a week should we have sex?

Usually one of the parties asks for this question because he wants to prove to one another that they do not have enough sex! But in fact, the issue is never sex itself! If we look at the hidden layers behind this question, we see that the real needs of the parties are, that is, the need to feel love, love, kindness, respect, and respect. Men need to have sex to feel that their spouse loves and respects them, but women need to feel love, affection and attention to have a tendency to have sex! Convict is complex!

My sexual need is more than my wife, why do not I have any other relationship with another?

Believe it or not, this is a question that is asked over and over again in various ways by sex therapists: “What is the problem with two people at the same time?” “Why are not allowed to keep my common life together with my wife, Will I also fix it with someone else? ” Instead of looking elsewhere for excitement, try to create special moments for yourself and your spouse. Respect your holiday clocks and focus all your attention on the timing of your two. It’s natural that you do not have a tendency to have sex at all times, and you should respect those situations too.

Why can not I have an erection?

Erectile and orgasm problems, especially in young men, are usually associated with anxiety rather than a physical problem, which is also the case with most orgasmic problems in women. What is there is that anxiety prevents a person from having a mental presence in his / her sexual life, is well suited to his / her feelings and feelings, and has a good sense of himself. You need to practice relaxation and comfort and reduce your stress and distress. Meditation and mindfulness can also be useful. Then you should see what makes your anxiety. Often a lack of confidence or a sense of shame is anxious, but a sexual trauma or blow can also be the cause of anxiety that requires a therapeutic process.

Why can not I get an orgasm?

Maybe you do not believe in it, but still there are not enough people who think that orgasm is just about the dead and women can not experience it at all! The fact is that all women, like all men, have orgasms, only some women can not reach orgasm without direct stimulation of the clitoris. For some women, the discovery of orgasm remains a taboo, so as if they themselves do not agree that they can and should experience this pleasure. As long as women consider themselves sexually explicit, whose role is merely reproduction or satisfaction with their spouses, their sexual secrets will remain unthinkable and mysterious, while women’s orgasm is completely natural.


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