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In this article, we plan to teach you six effective email marketing tips on mobile phones, with these tips you can optimize your emails for mobile.

Mobile phones, especially smartphones and smartphones that have grown vastly over the past few years, are changing the way old email marketing is, especially since emails are intimately related to mobile phones and can quickly display the content of emails to customers with This feature, customers no longer need to have a computer or laptop, and with the help of mobile phones and tablets, they can access these emails anytime and anywhere. This has led to a huge change in the targeted email advertising industry.

Although text messaging via SMS or messenger is common and public, customers and consumers continue to rely on emails, which are the oldest communications technologies in the technology, as the main form of communication with brands. Companies also prioritize email for their communications and information.

Now, given the importance of e-mail in maintaining customer satisfaction, companies need to adapt and optimize their email content in accordance with their customers’ mobile phones.

According to the results, almost all smartphone users check their emails through their mobile devices. But the point is that users do this much faster on mobile phones. In fact, they scan most of the incoming messages in their email to be reviewed. As a result, optimizing emails for mobile phones requires that the title and content of the emails quickly become user-friendly and appealing to them. So this content should be loaded faster, easier to understand, more readable, and simply and clearly identify the need for action. 

1. Implement an optimization strategy for your work.

What you want to do is not increase the number of people who use their mobile phones to read and check their emails. 
Different companies use two types of email for users. These two types are known as auto-responders and manual-responders. In the first case, Auto-responders, messages that contain greetings, account information, etc., are processed and sent automatically and in a fraction of a second. Manual-responders are emails containing human-typed information and texts that are new to the user or respond to user emails. One of the keys to keeping Open and Click-through Rates in place is to prevent spam emails from being read and read. To do this, you need to optimize these emails. Writing these emails should include a variety of points such as the correct use of texts, the correct use of text writing, writing text in summary form with summarizing tricks, creating frameworks and regular frameworks, using images in certain sizes, and appropriate precision.

2. Click your emails with easy methods.

Optimized emails should be beautiful and fascinating in the same unit, and their content should be downloaded at the fastest possible time and accessible to users. Simple and conceptual content should contain clickable links to encourage the receiver to get more information and thus have more chances of buying and profit making. To fit your email with these parameters, it’s best to use appropriate fonts at the right size (not too large or too small). The font size for clicks is about 14 pixels for texts and 20 to 22 pixels for titles.Another tip is that clicks often do not have to be rooted or stacked because some users will be confused about identifying the links, and if you open the wrong link, you’ll need to hit the return button and go to the message box. This means you must be logged in again. Perhaps many users would not be interested in doing so.

3. Use short topics (short titles).

The official results indicate that e-mail titles have gotten much worse feedback. Do not forget the point you mentioned earlier. To reemphasize again, users rely on their titles to choose from to study their emails. What they do is scan threads or threads. Of course, every subject that is long is subconsciously sent by the brain to a hand, “Look at it later,” will be sent. Now suppose the time for checking emails on mobile phones is much lower. So, in order to optimize an email for mobile phones, the use of short topics is of paramount importance. Titles and topics Important emails come with fewer words, and at a much lower rate, e-mail recipients are attracted. Because it tells the overall content and abstract of the email in less time and less. Ideally, 4 to 5 words are enough for topics. If you have to enter more words in the subject field, the minimum you need to do is to place the 4 to 5 first words in the center and focus words.

4. Keep your emails light.

The case about the subject of the email about item 3 is also true for case 4. Mail and content in general are simpler and more readable and popular. There are many reasons why emails are lighter in optimizing them on mobile. Probably the first reason for the speed of mobile Internet. We all know that mobile Internet speeds are lower than Internet computers and laptops under any circumstances. At least it can be said that the speed of oscillation in mobile phones is tens of times faster than that of computers.
The second reason can be seen in the type of mobile use. Mobile phones are devices that are everywhere with people. So there are probably countless people who, at busy times and time-consuming times, prefer to check their emails faster with their mobile devices. Of course, these people do not have the urge to wait for long emails. 
The ideal size for emails is below 20K by mobile-optimized emails. 
If you use a photo in your emails and the email text is a lot more important than the photos, try to ignore them. Otherwise, your photos should be optimized. You can reduce the size of the pictures and their quality to reduce their volume, or if you want to reduce the quality of the photos.

Very important point:

You’d better create a text email (text only). Because one of the mobile capabilities is the display of emails in the same way (text-only), and many users also enable this feature to reduce website traffic usage and increase the running time. In this case, you must also go with this sub-standard.

5. Be careful about the width (width) of emails.

Emails like webpages and photos have standards in their framing sections. Creating larger templates of this size will frustrate the shape and meaning of emails! 
The 600 pixels for the width of the templates are the most ideal for emails. This size works well on desktop and tablet devices. But for mobile phones, you can use the auto-switching feature (using the if / then code) or the standard size for mobile phones. The size or width of emails on mobile phones should be about 300 to 400 pixels. If you are not familiar with these things, you can sample several sample emails from different companies as samples and check their dimensions and get an average and appropriate standard size of their values.

It’s worth mentioning that with the new targeted email marketing panels you can automatically prepare emails for any size (tablet, mobile). One of these targeted email marketing panels is MillerLight, which allows the user to build e-mail accounts.

6. Continue to test.

Test your designs and emails on different devices at different times, so you can quickly fix them in future emails if you see a problem or a defect. 
Try not to allow users to report their email problems. Quick looking at emails is not enough and you need to check all the necessary parts, such as ensuring that email templates and frames, compressed photos, low volume content and, most importantly, the ability to click links. 
To do this, it’s best to put your own personal emails and friends in the recipient’s email list to see the emails as exactly as users see on their devices to keep you up to date. Do these trials at different times and never stop.



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